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[SELLING] EU : lots of 100 Laptop batteries in France
Do you still have laptop battery to sell ?
(10-16-2017, 03:02 PM)Claus Mørch Madsen Wrote: Do you still have laptop battery to sell ?

Hello Claus, i'm sorry, i didn't noticed your message...
Yes i have some batteries for sale.
but not too much...

Where are you ?
Best regards
Merry Chrismas!!! Smile
Hi Sabado, how much laptop battery do you have left for sale?
(01-04-2018, 09:37 AM)tcheco17 Wrote: Hi Sabado, how much laptop battery do you have left for sale?

Hello tcheco, sorry not to have answered before.... i was travelling.

i'll send tou an update as soon as posible.

Where are you?
Best regards
You can also use to ship batteries.
An insurance is included in addition.

(09-18-2017, 12:17 PM)Hi, Wrote: You can also use to ship batteries.
An insurance is included in addition.

SabadoHello, i have for sale lots of 100  Laptop batteries (random brands), but always a minimum of 600 cells to harvest.

Pick up preferred near Paris or Orléans (France).

Delivery all over Europe through, from my home to your home.
Check this site, very cheap and reliable (with assurance) delivery.

Price is 200 euros for 100 batteries.

i was vey lucky to find tose batteries, and hope you will enjoy too.

Best regards

(batteries are sold "as is", no test was done but i yet harvested more than 10 000 cells calibrated for my powerwall).
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Nice information, pmdenico03.
Allways usefull to have many skills.
Thank you.
Do you still have some?
pm sended.

Thanks in advance
Still learning English. Learning Li ion and solar technology.
+/- 3500 Li ion cells harvested, none checked and counting.

Time is our enemy, must work to, the sun is our friend, must relax to.
With best regards

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