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[SELLING] Enclosure / BMS for Nissan Modules
Hi all,

I have a number of enclosures for sale, originally designed to house 8 Nissan Leaf modules as two strings. Can be used for anything though I guess.

The cases have everything needed: outer powder coated steel shell, acrylic end places with fold-down handles, spacer pieces and rods to feed through the modules and keep them compressed to the correct size. All screws and fixing included.

We made lots of these for a customer who then cancelled. They've been in storage for a year.

We're based in the Midlands, UK. I can post, but they are bulky and the steel shell makes them not the lightest, so collection preferred.

Please see photos.

Price is £10 per case, including fixings, if collected. Any delivery would be extra.

Feel free to ask questions: 
We also have lots of the PCBs shown in the last picture. 
These are full BMS and power switching boards (2 ounce copper). Please email if you have a requirement for them.

That's a bargain, were they intended for Indra ?
(03-13-2019, 06:01 PM)Sean Wrote: That's a bargain, were they intended for Indra ?

Hi Sean,

They were for a small UK-based company. I shan't name them as the deal went a bit sour, but it was a good project.

We really just need the space now as we're expanding.

whats the details on the bms mike please.

Im in the middle of an energy store using 1/2 a leaf pack, i`ve got the pack already, in the process of sourcing a bms.

Hi Glndwr,

It's a custom design built around two BQ7693007 chips and a LPC824 microcontroller, with charge/discharge FETs in the high side, a 70A relay and 60A fuse in the output.
The PCB links the modules together (i.e. no bus bars required) as two paralleled strings of four modules, so it's a nominally 24V pack (34V fully charged).

The software has not yet been fully validated, but if the boards are of any use to you as a DIY project then send me a PM and I'll forward schematics.

I'll be selling them at less than what the small batch cost us: hopefully they'll be of use to someone.
Interested. Pm me.
Would it be feasible to ship two of them to USA? Any rough ideas on shipping costs? I am not familiar with shipping from the UK to US.
Please send me a PM if you have any left over. I would be interested in 2 of them.

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