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[SELLING] GS YUASA LEV50N cells (EU only)
GS YUSA LEV50N prismatic cells
I have ~240 pcs at hand,
minimum order = 1 plastic container with 4 LEV50N cells
Shipping = €45 (to all EU countries using GLS parcel service)
for a max of 8 cells or less,
packed in plywood parcelbox, lined with styrofoam (to protect cells, see photo's)

price €50/cell
CMU's with ID-number identified €50.
If you need to flash eeprom to move old ID to new CMU, 
contact me, I can arrange this service.

bulk order, over 40 pcs, contact me for pricing on pallet shipping etc
B2B welcome, 0% export EU, with valid VAT ID
Shipping to Swiss is a pain, contact me for options

Carel Hassink
contact me using pm
paypal accepted

or look on EBAY Germany here

pro-LOX, Carel Hassink, 
Obdam, Netherlands
36Kw ESS, 320 Yuasa LEV40 cells
14.2Kwp Ciggs solar panels, 2 Goodwe 3phase inverters
SMA SI 8.0 single phase + controls, REC BMS

second life ev/phev li-on batteries
follow me on

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