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[SELLING] Laptop packs in Canada specifically Niagara

I have approx 450 pounds of name brand laptop packs for sale.  I have went through the pile and already removed any pouch cells, leaking and physically damaged packs.  The packs are assorted and consists of Acer, Lenovo, HP, Dell and Toshiba packs.  These packs are in a climate controlled environment and have been since they were originally in the laptops.

I didnt drag them all out for the pictures but I have them in small uhaul packing boxes and each box contains 60lbs of packs.  I have a lot more than what is pictured, obviously

Im not interested in selling these by a particular pack size or make, and I dont want anyone picking through them to try and pull out just a certain type of pack.  If you want to do that I suggest to buy the lot, take out what you want and sell the rest.

The price is $1.50 CDN (approx $1.10 USD) per pound.  Im located in Grimsby, ON.  Not willing to ship, sorry.

If someone is really interested we will have to find a way for you to provide a deposit so I can hold them for you. Last time, some people were upset because they stated their interest, with no commitment and were surprised/upset when someone else showed up with cash and purchased them.  The ad is cross posted in many buy and sell spaces.


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