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[SELLING] Li-Lon and Li-Po's in Va USA
PLEASE  PLEASE !!!!!   I'm NOT GOING TO SHIP ! I live in Nortern Va.
Everything here is for PICK UP ONLY !!!   at my House !!!!

1) I have a lot of Dell Flat Packs   ( Li-Po's )   just pick them up FREE !!  
After 2 years of picking up batteries I have set these aside and have no clue what to do with them.
So if you think you can use them    There are yours !

2) Symbol Li-Lon Cells Part Number 82-71364-03  3.7V 3800MAH/14.1wh
These came from hand scanners.       I think I have 40 to 50 of them I did use a volt meter on some of them 2.8V to 3.1 tested    I did test some that were .5V   I would like a few dollars for these...   Just due to the time I have doing all the pickups...  .75 cent each..need to take them all.

3) Panasonic Packs     NIMH  12V 4.69AH   10 cells in a wrapped pack
again after picking up batteries 200 pds at a time these are cell units I find in the group.
NO TESTING DONE ON THESE !    Free if you can use them ...

4) Drager Battery Module 24V 2500MAH Ni-MH   again Free !!!  if you can use them ...

5) also have Dell-Panasonic-Acer …  18650 loaded packs  I have these stored in plastic tubs …   
I can go though what I have …  most likely around 50 to 100 pds that I don't need. These are tubs that I have not tested but picked up with other battery groups.     I would like to get 1.50 per pound.   

6) after 2 years of testing    Ya  I have some that have been tested but are below what I want to use. 1400MAH to 1000MAH

plus small tubs of headers ( seem to get warm at 1 amp charge and discharge ) low MAH under cells

I think someone could use the 1400MAH to 1000MAH this cells are tested …  they tested well just don't have the storage I want to use.    .50 cent each ????   

Thanks Guys !!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope someone can use the free stuff ….   Like I said ….   You need to come here and pick up !
 PowerLab 8  / KDS 7.2 / Horus X12
Gaui X3-385 Speed Heli 6S X-Nova powered . . . .Puffing Lipo's in 2 Mins
tsmurray ,
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Front Royal Va.
 PowerLab 8  / KDS 7.2 / Horus X12
Gaui X3-385 Speed Heli 6S X-Nova powered . . . .Puffing Lipo's in 2 Mins
(02-10-2019, 10:20 PM)MGPTWEGB Wrote: tsmurray ,
Your private messaging disabled.
Front Royal Va.

Hi MGPTWEGB, my first post here. I am new in this, and so far have not succeeded in collecting any battery packs. I have been reading threads to educate myself on the subject matter, but having actual cells to begin practicing on is the fastest way to learn. I intend to build a 10 kWh powerwall for a remote home (i.e no mains electricity available in the location, a village in Cameroon, but i currently live in the USA).
My location is Bowie, MD. i think it about 90 miles from Front Royal, VA (from google). I am of course interested in some of the stuff you are offering, especially the free powerpacks and those untested ones for sale

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