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[SELLING] Medical Packs for sale, Now offering shipping!
(05-26-2019, 02:23 AM)OhmGrown Wrote: Are these all snapped up at this point? I'm actually located in Dallas luckily so just wanted to check.

I get this coming in all the time, just had a pick up today, but I have plenty.  Shoot me a PM and we can talk!

My brother drive to Dallas to grab 100 lbs of medical packs.  All went well.  We got several spare packs and a few LG sample packs for future evaluation.

So far, the Panasonic cells test around 1800-1900 mAh, but the sample size is relatively small.

We plan to get more batteries the next time we are back in Texas.

Thanks, Terry.
Jurgen in Memphis, TN
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