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[SELLING] SYDNEY - Selling bulk 18650's and laptop packs
Hey All

Im selling all of my batteries. Am located in Sydney, NSW so unable to ship interstate. Happy to drop off if within 50km of Sydney City.

Looking for $500 for the lot.

64x 68+ Lenovo Battery packs. 6 18650's per pack (384 cells)
9x 44+ Lenovo Battery packs. 6 18650's per pack (54 cells)
5x 47++ Lenovo Battery packs. 9 18650's per pack (45 cells)
3x 29+ Lenovo Battery packs 6 18650's per pack (18 cells)
210 single 18650's of varying manufacture. Harvested from various packs of Lenovo Battery Packs.

No cells have been tested.

Total cells: 711



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