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[SELLING] UK - Lithium Titanate LTO 40Ah Cells 66160H
UK - Collection only - Near Luton

Used (near new condition) YinLong 66160H 40Ah LTO Cells - £29 each

For sale are some LTO cells that are surplus to my pack build - see my "LTO Powerwall" post for details.


One cell is listed on eBay and there are potentially around 100 available in total. The eBay listing has some additional details.

I imported more than I needed to bring the shipping cost down on a per cell basis and my earlier listing did not factor in all of the costs at the time, which is a separate story...

Postage is a bit of an issue with these cells as Royal Mail will not accept them, nor will a lot of other couriers if they know what they are so unfortunately collection only unless you need a pallet...

The cells weigh 1.3kg, operate 1.9V to 2.6V ideal range, store 90Wh, M12 bolt terminals and should have a remaining service life of over 10,000 cycles and calendar life well over 10 years. I'm currently planning for them to last over 20 years and 18,000 cycles at sub 1C rates. The manufacturer quotes 30 years....

These are for sale for DIY / power wall builds and not any re-sellers.
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Wish I could get some of these. Not enough funds in reserves to purchase enough to make it worth the while at the moment. The more you post about these LTO's, the more interested I become in them. Too bad they aren't in laptop packs already Tongue
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They are in a way part of my pension fund.. pre-investing in my own portable power option for the next 20+ years, all charged from the sun...

I was going to keep all of them but the larger the pack size the less valuable the next incremental battery added to the whole setup becomes unless you can use the capacity.

I had initially thought about using them as a buffer storage that would be charged and discharged first before any other cells with a trickle charge in/out to a larger secondary pack of smaller cells. That way a small pack would take all the heavy cyclic high amp in/out and the rest of the pack would end up with a steady state charge/discharge which would then also extend their cell life.

The full cycle efficiency is over 98% at 5A, decreasing to 93% at 40A so very little energy losses at low Amps. Trickle in/out at 5A per cell.

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