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[SELLING] US - SUNKKO 709AD+ Pulse Spot Welder
Hey I'm in Dallas, TX and was actually in need of a good spot welding unit. Very interested in yours but the 709AD didn't have the most stellar reviews online, specifically with the 110V version. Not trying to be a tire kicker but I'm mentioning it because I'm guessing you haven't actually used this unit or another of the same exact model, correct? At least I'm assuming since it's still closed in its box and everything. But thought I'd check to see if you have any experience with it and whether or not it can actually make welds that hold?

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US - SUNKKO 709AD+ Pulse Spot Welder - by lnxpro - 05-09-2019, 09:16 PM
RE: US - SUNKKO 709AD+ Pulse Spot Welder - by OhmGrown - 05-26-2019, 02:09 AM

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