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[SELLING] Used 18650 Cells [EU only] [other country ask]

Few photos about small testing station (we have more than one in multiple places)
Soon (i wish) will have professional testing station (custom) with less result fluctuation.
We can send to Albania too (small packages)
Shipping cost around 30€ for 100 cells. Extra 100 cells only 5€ more.

Used tested cells
Some cells need re - shrink  
I can sell some shrink soon

Taken from faulty ebike battery or laptop (most from ebike)

Tested with OPUS 3100 v2.2  and 0.5 A discharge

We always send baker's dozen.

International buyers are welcome (Only EU / UK at the moment)
Shipping costs will be calculated based on destination and weight. We ship only by courier who can transport lithium products according to ADR regulations Contact us before purchase and payment to know the actual amount of the shipment.

CUT: too many languages on a single POST

Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 1400 cells growing

Google translator you've let me down
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reduced number of languages, fixed some trouble with auction.

added few laptop battery (ex rental)
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 1400 cells growing

Lil up. i still have a lot of cells.
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 1400 cells growing

small update on ebay
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 1400 cells growing

update quantity, quality shipping cost
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 1400 cells growing

(03-17-2019, 06:41 AM)emuland-metroman Wrote: update quantity, quality shipping cost

I buy these cells 300x + 21x free. Nice seller and very good cells. No hot when charging and no self-discharging the capacity it matches.

best regards 
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Hello I am interested in your cells.
One question:
Is the indicated capacity the original one of the batteries or the remaining available capacity?
So if you sell a 2000-2199 mA, is it now min 2000 mA or was it only if it was new?
i'll write on cells what opus give me.

so if i read 1453 i copy 1453 mah.

cell can be 1500 when new or 1800 etc
Building Lifepo4 Powerwall - atm 1400 cells growing


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