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[SELLING] Xtar: 4 VP4Plus Dragon + 3 brandnew QueenAnt II in Germany

i am selling 4 good as new VP4 Dragon units they made 20 Cells each charger and come with the complete Equipment. Power Supply got EU Plug. Price for them will be 55 Euro + 5 Euro shipping in Germany. Two or more units or international shipping must be calculated. Feel free to ask.


Also 3 Brand new QueenAnt II units never been used, in their factory packaging. Not even tested but i can if you want me to do it. Power Supply got EU Plug. Price for them will be 15 Euro + 5 Euro shipping. Same as above, international shipping or more than one needs to be calculated.


These are very good chargers. I like them alot. But i bought too much of them Big Grin
Bump. Still available.

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