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Safely housing the battery bank
CO² does only have a very limited cooling effect. It would not keep other cells from heating up.
(05-14-2019, 03:17 PM)5buBZMKeJZgapTGsbGzKf Wrote: CO² does only have a very limited cooling effect. It would not keep other cells from heating up.

Not the cooling effect (not that limited) but more the replacing of oxygen in the cabinet is what i am looking for...
i know a lithium fire needs no oxygen (has his own) but it might put out the burning plastic holders and stuff faster ... right?
18x 300Wp solar off grid and 10x 180Wp solar tracker grid-tie
10KW 3phase hybrid inverter. 40Kwh 18650 storage (for now)
My setup:
If you can get it, halon gas.
That will replace oxygen very quick.
Easier to get: nitrogen.
But you will need to air tighten your cabinet.
(I am planning a experiment in a vacuum chamber, let see what happens)

The problem would be to apply it, maybe a motor on high rpm with a coil or something to pull the pin out that is attached to a wire?
Before a c02 extinguisher is empty it will blow his load in a minute, (6 kilo).

A Co2 cylinder must be shaken every year by holding it upside down again and again, to let the components stay mixed together, if not done every year the components will settle.
Still learning English. Learning Li ion and solar technology.
+/- 3500 Li ion cells harvested, none checked and counting.

Time is our enemy, must work to, the sun is our friend, must relax to.
With best regards

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