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Safely housing the battery bank
Lithium battery that has gone thermal and spewing sparks can create a LOT of heat, especially in the direct path of the "torch".

Plugging the ends where the cells would be housed would be like putting a fire cracker inside a paper tube. It'll build up pressure and cause a large explosion. The best way is to let the cell vent somewhere/how safely. If the cells are in a pack and they lay down horizontally, then the Pos end facing a flame retardant barrier would be best.
An idea you could do is have another pack/wall built from small metal tubes. Then on the backside of the tube-pack could be an open chamber that vents outside. Then place the tube-pack right up against (without touching) the battery packs. If a cell goes nuts, it'll flame into the tubes which help to dissipate heat and direct the flame/chemicals/flying bits away from everything else and to outside.
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CO2 will NOT work to extinguish a lithium-ion fire, since during thermal runaway, the cells supply their own oxygen.

You need to make a sand pouch which will open during excessive heating, or just spray with water and pray you can recover some cells.
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I was thinking about something like this....
Tubes also crossed my mind.
Pvc tubes that a electrician use, I am in doubt.
To cut thin steel tubes is a hassle for some or order somewhere.
I think the foam will let its self spit out easy.

Sensed with my phone

A sand bag would be very good, better than water.
But if the bag is going to do his job, wouldn't he close in that one cell, so we get a firecracker?
Or the sand can not reach that one cell (cous of the fountain?)and protect the others?

With the foam, fire resistant that is, will protect the other cells, that one cell is lost anyway.
Only the time that a cell is burning worries me, would the heat be enough to light up his neighbors?
Again sand seems to be the option.

But: The tubes, i like the idea more and more, got some idea's spinning in my head right now.

I am more at this point to save the rest of the cells, or am i missing the point? be honest please.
Or is the whole pack wasted?
Then we are going to look for rescuing the other packs, and that is pretty simple to do.

with all three the solutions the packs have to be on a shelf on there side, to let the sand in and direct the flames away from the other cells.

I want to come up with a simple workable solution, all the ideas that where given i will make projects out of it.
thanks for the good ideas and help!!!very appreciated.
Materials enough, room and machinery also.
If one! cell can ignite 14000 (not going to stop there, ev's are coming and the house) other cells, than i want to be save as possible.

Without adding heat, how do you trigger a cell?
Got heaters enough, charge them with 8v or something?
Like a real life test, when your fuse is 20 amps instead of your regulair 1 amp, factory mistake or something, give it a name.

Thanks in advance for all the help AND ideas, keep them coming, with best regards, Igora

The missing picture, sorry for the goof up
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approx: 500 cells not safe for use: dead, heaters, to high ir or sd

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