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Safety while connecting HV Solar String
(06-03-2019, 04:28 AM)Maniac_Powerwall Wrote: Oh, I do understand the danger of 250V. This is why I am asking. What still confuses me is the way the solar panels work. This no load, no current thing is still strange for me...

But these were the things I wanted to know. I did know that you can do it in the night or put some blankets over. But never seen anyone doing it. So I wanted to know how it is done in real World.
It's not unlike a battery just sitting there, eg the +ve & -ve terminals....  there's voltage present but no current flows until you connect some type of load to it.
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As far as for in the real world from what i have seen on various construction sites(in the Netherlands), they all work with connectors.
First connector on, then they place them on the roof.
The connectors have also some protection, sort of a "condom" (sorry dont know the correct word for it) over the connector.
Or they come with a small inverter and they assemble the inverter first, but always with connectors.

Be safe
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