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Sanyo Prismatic 3880mAh cells
I managed to score around 600 x UPF3976108 cells, they are prismatic Lithium-Polymer cells, with 3,880mAh capacity. I don't really know much about these cells. I believe they are 3.7V nominal 4.2V fully charged. I am considering using them for a powerwall project, but I can't find a spec sheet, i want to know the C rating, also I have no experience dealing with these cells, how do i go about connecting to the tabs, solder, spot weld?

The tab is snapped off on the + side, the only part of the exposed tab is covered in some sort of tape/film i am having trouble removing... the cells are stuck together in 2's and I cannot remove them without damage, as can be seen by the picture.


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Wow, nice find. Sux the tabs are cut off so short. Will be interesting to see how you get them in usable condition. Very careful soldering techniques with a steady hand is gonna be needed.

Hope you can get them together being that'd be a nice sized compact powerwall.

Also note, being prismatics, you'll need to keep them compressed so they don't gas and swell up. Some allthread with plates on either end and pressed together should do the trick.
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