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Sanyo UR18650FJ Cell Specifications
Warning: The information in this thread was obtained from various sources on the Internet, including any datasheets linked below, and is provided for reference only. It is not guaranteed to be accurate. To prevent fire or personal injury, never charge or discharge a cell before verifying the information yourself using the original specifications sheet provided by the manufacturer.

Capacity:2100mAh Rated
Voltage:3.70V Nominal
Charging:4.20V Maximum
2100mA Standard
--- mA Maximum
Discharging:2.50V Cutoff
420mA Standard
--- mA Maximum
Description:Red Cell Wrapper
Orange Insulator Ring
18650 Form Factor

Data References:

I think I found some of these.. in a Toshiba PA3385U-1BAS 14.8V / 4300 mAh pack.

They have the translucent red wrap and a bright reddish-orange ring.

They have absolutely no outer markings or embossed marking except '130A'.

They do, however, have an 'F' stamped into the steel negative end..

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I have found the same cells as Detritalgeo, mostly likely from a Toshiba laptop battery pack also.

As he described - translucent red wrap and (I would say) a red ring.

As the 'F' stamped into the negative end.

I have markings under the wrap which are "JDHFJT4"
- Above this is "C"
- Under there is 6 numbers, which are different on every cell
- Under this, is a single number towards bottom of cell which all appear different on each cell

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I got 6 of these too. Mine have the "F" stamped clearly into the steel of the negative end too but there is a writing of sorts on mine that is so light I can't even nearly make it out. The letters are made up out of dots that are so almost not even there!
The cells also have "H43A" embossed onto the wrap that i nearly missed and mine have a single "B" printed clearly on them. Hope they are decent cells. Will find out soon  Smile
I got a few of these and they have L34C embossed onto the wrap. There's a clearly printed "B" above two more lines of text and the middle is "LH7FJ12" and bottom appears to be unique to each cell...
The reason I'm posting this is because of the capacity readings, the lowest one has been 2886mAh! Most are over 3000mAh! Has anyone else had similar findings?
Hi, I found these cells in a battery pack of an IBM powerpc or storage array where it is used as backup battery for the write cache. In the wrapping you can read "Japan". Under the wrapper I found the "B" and two lines: OE1FJ32 and an unique number. Capacity: 1822, 1542, 1649 and 1702 according to Liitikala Lii-500 "NOR test".

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