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SecondHandPower Cell tester build
I have been exercising the tester over the past week, with some good fortune on my rpi support processor. I used @Daromer's rpi image as a starting point because I liked the way the Grafana charts looked... so I requested help from @Fercsa to get the FCDS tester to write to Influx and he provided a python script and directions to pipe the tester tic data over to Influx, and provided an example Grafana dashboard for one slave module.

Here is a screen shot of an updated Grafana dashboard to keep an eye on the testing process with up to 4 slave modules:

The rpi is an amazing machine, and I am really amazed at how the rpi is running a python script to shovel data from the FCDS tester over wifi, storing the tic data into a database, and also running the GUI charting application for presentation of real-time and historical cell test data. I think this is too much for such a small (but capable) device... look at the CPU on the bottom right of the task bar... over 90% utilization trying to update the charts on the screen.

To get some more scalability, I have been working on a Windows laptop to host my CHARGE database... (Cell Handling And Report Generation Engine).

So I am finding it is not so easy to use Windows, but I will continue to work on the laptop. Hopefully most of this development work can be used on the laptop as well if I can get the connector tools that run on Windows. For now, on the laptop I have a small test database in a spreadsheet for capacity test results (no tic data) and building discipline to track cells by a serial number. Also making progress on barcodes and how that will help tie a specific cell to the test data recorded by a particular tester slot.

I have many cells that were tested with an Opus and charged by TP modules, sometimes discharged with a HW-568 , and notice the FCDS results are about 5-10% lower mAh than the Opus or HW discharger, so I am cutting over to use the FCDS, and will be running my "keeper cells" on it to be consistent... sad to loose 100 mAh on most of my cells, but hope to pick up some efficiency once I learn how to get things flowing smooth.
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Gary G.

Working on a 32 port #FCDS
24 ports complete... logging to Influx/Grafana

Update on the Grafana dashboard.

On the left side there is a table that shows the status of all the tester slots. Rather than use a table for each group of 8 cells, this version has one table to show the status of 24 cells. There is a scroll bar to see the additional rows.

The columns can be sorted to group the data according to interest, for example: Temperature or Status, etc.  

The temperature entries are color coded automatically (green/yellow/red) by the limits defined in the properties section for alerting .

On the right is a graph showing the results of the DEPLETE / CHARGE / DISCHARGE process for the cell of interest  .

This panel refresh is quick for the table where Influxdb can easily locate the most recent entries for status, and it takes about 5-10 seconds during the refresh to pull the data and when re-draw the chart. During this time the Rpi CPU  utilization increases to 30-35%.

I use this dashboard with automatic refresh turned off to conserve resources on the Rpi and just click the refresh button when I am around to check on the test progress.

This dashboard JSON file is posted over on Fercsa's tester thread at:
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Gary G.

Working on a 32 port #FCDS
24 ports complete... logging to Influx/Grafana

Hey Gary,

Could the FCDS modules be connected to the RPI i2c instead of going through the ESP32?

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