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Signs you may have a lithium addiction problem
You started out buying a 4 pack of lithium cells after hearing a friend talk about his powerwall project. You figured you'd mess around a bit to see what all the intrigue was about. It didn't seem like a problem. You thought you could control it. Now you're not sure, but you think you may have a lithium addiction.

If you have experienced any of these signs, seek help:

You used to buy a few cells at a time, but now your purchases measure in kilowatt hours.

What started out as hitting a few cells on the charger each weekend has turned into a daily habit.

Your collection of chargers rivals your cousin's bong collection.

When at work you have intrusive thoughts wondering if the cells on the charger have cycled, and you're praying they have a high mAh rating.

Your friends have started avoiding you because you can't go 5 minutes without bringing up the topic of an 18650.

You used to just buy 18650's, but you've branched out to lipos, liFePo4,...pretty much anything you can get your hands on.

Your wife is concerned about your spending habit, so you've started making secret purchases on your credit card and asking for shipments to be in unmarked boxes.

You've said to yourself, "Just one more kilowatt hour, then I'll quit."

Big Grin
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And frequent every computer shop, ecycler , Youtube channel, anything and everything forum regarding building battery packs every morning afternoon and night hoping to "power" your habit on the cheap ...not considering any of your time and labor!
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Shit, addicted! :-)
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I've decided to join an L.A. group. you know Lithium Anonymous. They are a great help, they stop you from trying to get your next recycler hit and all that
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(07-21-2018, 09:08 PM)tremors Wrote: I've decided to join an L.A. group. you know Lithium Anonymous. They are a great help, they stop you from trying to get your next recycler hit and all that

You've acknowledged the problem and sought help. Im proud of you!  Big Grin
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And every time you walk past a skip full of ewaste, it becomes exceedingly difficult to fight off the urge to go bin diving.

Or when you get a dead laptop battery you pull it apart, even though you know most of the time the cells in it won't be much good.
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Wood burning stoves have a similar group, skips and anything combustable prove to be too much of an addiction.... they are like eye magnets.
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Hi i am ______ and i have a Lithium Addiction... wow look at the batteries in this case... oooops
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I try... Sometimes i fail.... ok most times. lol
You get up in the middle of the night to change over your testers and chargers...
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I think we need a 3 step program -

1 Dismantle the battery pack
2 Test the cells
3 Assemble new battery packs
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