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Small 7S4P battery
Imbuilding a small battery to power my CPAP it use 24V DC.

i know how i want to build it inside a nice echo battery pack i recovered.

I need to find a safe and cheap way to protect and charge this small pack and i also need a way to make this pack always ouput 24V so should be a up and down converter..

My cpap have a 90W power supply at 24V but when offgris i will disable heating humidifier so it will use way less power.

my idea whas a cheap bms and a cheap ebike charger.

if you alredy done something similar give me link to what you used pleas!

here some pictures og the case for this project!
I have one of these on order but I have not received it yet...  daromer has a couple videos on YouTube about these things... good place to start.

Bluetooth BMS

I was interesting in the monitoring portion and programming capability... seems like you get a good bit more piece of mind vs a cheaper BMS board where you can't really tell if its actually working.

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