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Solar panel cable through a windows
Hi everyone,

Sometimes when you want your dish satellite cable to go through a window, you can buy a very thing flat cable that will help.

In this style:

I have 2 solar panel (100W 18V 5.6A flexible panel in series) with mc4 connector and fairly big cable that i would like to apply the same idea, has anyone ever done that?

Its temporary but i do not want to dig a hole for now, and its really cold outside in Europe. I can't really find anything relevant on google, so i was thinking that may be i could build one with nickel strip for example and proper mc4 connectors, but i would have like to know your opinions before Wink

Thanks in case you have any advise on how to, or on why NOT to Wink
I had cables running through one of my windows for a few months before my system was permanently installed. I left the window open a half inch so it was enough to pass wires through, put a security clamp at the top so it couldn't open any further to prevent break-ins, then covered the gap with aluminum tape both inside and out. It worked very well for a temporary setup.
Googling flat speaker wire might give you some ideas.

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thanks you everyone,

@sean: actually flat wire was the way to search indeed, my english is not premium ^^ and i haven't thought of those keywords, i can probably build my own with either nickel strip of flat copper wire that i will protect with this shrinking tube thing, not sure how its called Smile

@mike: this is the stuff i was kinda doing for for a small pvc tube i was using to pump water from rain Wink but the winter here can be below -15 C, so perfectly close windows is a must have for me.
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I am in the same situation.

Did you find a flat wire that can handle your 36V / 5.6A ?

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