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Solar panels in the uk
Phase 1 is to actually get the solar into the roof. 
At uk prices do these look like something plausable? 
Still waiting for full specs.
£70 isn't such a bad price for a good quality teir 1 panel, that's in good condition. It's expensive for a badly handled clone panel.
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I'll put an offer in on the 16 i would need for the 4kw I would ask for 50 a panel see where that goes.
(09-15-2018, 08:15 PM)Paul_m Wrote: I'll put an offer in on  the 16 i would need for the 4kw I would ask for 50 a panel see where that goes.

Wait till you know what panels they are.
I bought 22 x 265W panels for £75 each just under a year ago, less than 1yr old. Scratches on the frames, etc, supposed rejects from solar build, otherwise good.

£70 for a moss covered stack seems a bad deal, if the seller can't be bothered to show any labels or anything then they are probably quite a few years old...

Even if you get them for £50, go collect them on a sunny day.... take a meter and check the short circuit current (just short the output wires) for degredation against the label.. you want panels with consistent current rating if you are putting them in a string for a grid tied inverter.

Curiosity has me, sent him a message via ebay to ask about the panels.

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