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Spot weld residuals
If holes then toss the cell. You destroyed the integrity of the cell and if there is a CID that wont function hence no protection anymore.

On laptop cells that is rare but on cells for high current applications the nickel strip tend to be thicker and harder to remove. On those it will happen easier. Just be carefull and if you going to spotweld or solder you can leave them.
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i used a dremel to carefully remove all of mine. ends of my cells are all completely smooth now Smile
These are the best tool I've used for that job. Not this particular brand but same thing.
Leaves a flat clean surface.

Wear glasses as little pieces of nickel can shoot off
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(10-17-2017, 08:18 PM)Wattsup Wrote: These are the best tool I've used for that job. Not this particular brand but same thing.
Leaves a flat clean surface.

Wear glasses as little pieces of nickel can shoot off

Ya, Thanks for the link.  I use almost exactly the same kind of tool and have very good luck with it.   The question really was .... if I leave the nickel strip on the cell (not rip it off, but trim around it), are there implications to the soldering on top of it.   I do find that when I pull then nickel strips off, even when very careful, quite frequently the cell metal gets a little bent (stretched, or whatever).  This happens with gentle rolling of the nickel strips with this kind of tool.  I haven't left holes as far as I know, but if I did, they would be so small it would be hard to notice.   In most cases, what remains is pointy/sharp metal which sticks up where the welds were (sharp enough to put holes in my finger).  I snip those, and don't bang on the cell (as others say they do).  I personally think tapping on the cell ends (especially the side with the CID in it) is not a good thing. I am trying to completely minimize any malformation of the cells themselves or cause hidden damage internally.  I'm looking for other's opinions as well.

(10-17-2017, 07:50 PM)Sonic01 Wrote: i used a dremel to carefully remove all of mine. ends of my cells are all completely smooth now Smile

dremel is a cool tool, but with thousands of cells, this can get kind of tedious.  It is a good idea, however.
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yeah sure, i think it took me about 2.5h hours to do 300 cells :/
Tapping lightly on the cell won't do any damage to it. You gotta remember the nickel strip is fairly soft metal compared to the shell of the cell. So just gentling tapping will flattin the nickel out but it won't do any damage to the cell. If you do do damage to the cell, you smacked it waaaaaay to hard.
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(10-16-2017, 09:37 PM)howiegrapek Wrote: why not just leave the tin/nickel piece on the anode and cathode and carefully snip them with sharp cutters. This way, we don't rip the spot welds or the metal strip off the battery, potentially bending the ends and leaving spot weld pieces.

I try to leave as much tab on the cells as possible. I think it is far preferable to solder to the strip than directly to the cell. Some cells really, really don't like to be soldered to. I swear, I think one started to 'take off' thermally after I had the iron on it too long. (I de-tab weaker ones and put a button of solder on (+) and dremel the burrs off (-) after testing: they make fairly decent flashlight batteries...)
Flush cut snips are my favourite tool for taking apart battery packs. You can nip off any remaining bits with them. I've also found that if I lift the nickel strip and get the tips around the spot weld and gently twist the cell while snipping, there is almost nothing left behind. I found before that when I just pulled off the tabs, I would sometimes bulge the negative terminal, and really bent a few positive terminals due to very strong spot welds. This doesn't happen any more.

I also have a larger ball peen hammer (the one's with a round ball on one end) that I 'scrub' the terminals against (no tapping, just rub the battery fairly hard), and this works great to flatten any pointy bits.
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