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Spot welder / spotwelder choosing the right one
Thank you guys for a help.

I'm surprise that even 28Ah AGM could deliver enough current to spot weld weld, but when you think about it, when dropping the wrench on even 7Ah battery sparks are flying, and somtimes even grab and weld to electrodes.

"The only thing I don't like about it is that there really isn't that much info I could find about the malectrics one - on what settings to use etc"

It's because weleder, just allows current to pass throug the electrodes. Simple AF.
Constant are the limitation of welder (resistance on cables and max allowed current that can mosfets pass thorugh)all the wariables are depends on the user, so they need to adapt basing on three wariables and learn on own mistakes.
1. Time (ms)
2. Source of supply (battery/transformer) Current that strictly depends on Voltage, and so on..
3. Material that we use to connect
I find spot welders to be quite expensive so I think I'll design my own at a point.
Thank you all guys.
I decided to buy Malectrics spot welder and pair it with 6S1P or 2P 350F maxwell supercaps (with proper BMS Vmax 13,5V max and 840A short current, can be doubled if needed - but welder may not hold it)

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