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Spot welding going wrong (again)
Myself is using 16A slow breaker C rated and it works fine here. Its on the edge to burn off doing many welds in row on max settings but it works

Its alot of difference between C style and B style as said.
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So after a while, we bought a new house, I went on with the spotwelding. There is a Malectrics now and it seems to do quit well but sometimes the positive probe sticks to the nickel and it won't weld to the battery and that becomes worse all the time.


First I've changed the welding wires for the thick copper cables that I took of the shitty chinese welder.


Also tried to fiddle with the settings but it doesn't seem to make a difference if I choose 5 or 15 ms. And yes it is set to manual.


A lot of welds are going well:


What am I doing wrong??

Any help appreciated!

While I wait for some advice I'll try to weld some fuses and post the results here later. Details of the pack build will follow in another thread.
Sound more like the welder is doing something bad internally on weld #5 or #6 when you get the big spark.
Probably this welders control circuit is shorting/staying ON not just doing the normal short burst.

You usually spend one or the other! time or money & sometimes both ;-)
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I built a spot welder out of a 12V battery, car solenoid, welding cables and chinese timer. It works but was not elegant and I wanted more control over the current for the spot weld. I recently bought a Kweld and so far so good at this point with just some minor use. I can report more later after I embark on a bigger powerwall project with it.
Is there also the possibility that the car battery is to strong? The battery 680 CCA and was brand new nut not fully charged when I started. While welding it was on a charger and became worse and worse. I tried to weld 2 fuses but that gave a spark like lightning. Great balls of fire!!

Will try another battery and post results.
clean the cells and nickelstripes before you spotweld them with isopropanole

and please charge the battery full before you use it
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Like said above, that spark is from bad contact with the material you're welding.
You have to press down firmly & have clean surfaces (both nickel & cell).
Use the better (black) leads with the heavier tips, they will make better contact & not heat so much themselves.

Are you welding fuses to the cell +ve in the pic with the flash? Maybe you should position the +ve busbar first, otherwise the possibility for sort circuits is high!
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
PAF: Ok, I'll try to get my hands on some.

Redpacket: Yes I weld the fuse direct to the + side on the battery. On the - side is a nickelstrip for balancing purposes. I'll put the original black cables back because of the better tip.

This is the answer I got from Malectrics:

Its hard to tell what could cause your problem.
Maybe a problem with the welding cables giving bad contact.
The problem could also be welding the fuse wire to the nickel strip / battery. If this has only little contact to the nickel strips it can produce very big sparks.
You could try to use a smaller car battery to get less current and increase the weld time.
Maybe welding the fuse wire works better with lower current and longer weld times.

I'm gonna try all this and report back. Thanks guys!
And now it works like a charm! Look at this:


Isn't that a good weld?

Changed battery for a 440 CCA and increased the time to 30 ms. Cleaned everything with contact sparay, put the original wires back on and there we go. I'm happy now.

Thanks for all your answers gentlemen!
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(05-16-2019, 08:35 PM)RikH Wrote: And now it works like a charm! Look at this:


Isn't that a good weld?

Changed battery for a 440 CCA and increased the time to 30 ms. Cleaned everything with contact sparay, put the original wires back on and there we go. I'm happy now.

Thanks for all your answers gentlemen!

I am a little confused about the picture.
The cells on the right have only the nickle strip while the ones on the left are fused?

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