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Spot welding going wrong (again)
Left is +ve of a row, right side is the -ve end, looks like he's alternating + & - ends so the one nickel strip is +ve bar for one row & -ve bar for the next....
Running off solar, DIY & electronics fan :-)
Yes that's correct. The nickel strip is there only for balancing purposes. The current flows from one row (6p) to the next through the fuses so each battery has a fuse in the end.
Sorry I was tired from a late day. 
I guess this picture is the one I ment to use.
[Image: dpxssg1.jpg]
I would have thought that row 3 would fuse to bar on row 4.
But appears that it is attaching to row 2's bar.

Just not wrapping my head around it.

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