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Strange Flat Cells? Not the Usual Flat Lipos
I pulled these out of a "hybrid" pack today. I have about 10 of these packs. Each pack has four of these flat cells with four 18650s. They are in a hard steel container like 18650s. They aren't the typical foil-like lipos or even lithium cells I've seen before in flat packs. there's no markings on them aside from 7.0wh and 301407. I don't see any brand names or anything like that. It even looks like they have fuses built in which is interesting.

Buying Cells? List of Best Lithium Battery Sources
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They are prismatic cells
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(02-07-2017, 12:48 AM)Sean Wrote: They are prismatic cells

I thought these were prismatic cells. Or are they both the same just in a different case?
Buying Cells? List of Best Lithium Battery Sources
(Last Updated May 29th)
I have a stack of a dozen or so of them myself. I'm going to keep them around for another project.
I have a few as well, honestly I kind of like them Smile

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I have some to and most the ones that i had give me more the 2600mah each so better then the 18650 that i use probablu gone usee them in the future

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