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Striking out finding cells in the US
I wish you much success on this ...I thought I had a steady source for used Laptop and other batteries but the prices have really gotten out of line in my area. Which is why I just went for new ....and that is what I offer. Consider your time and effort ....LOTS OF IT finding batteries and then going through the process of testing for capacity and resistance. But obviously a lot of people on this forum find it to be worth the effort.
Interesting topic.

I have just recently retired from a long career In the Biomedical Field as a Senior Field Support Engineer for Cardinal Health, CareFusion and lastly Becton Dickinson

Previously to that I worked 5 years as a Biomedical technician. I have extensive knowledge on what becomes of used medical packs.

Do not try to get a hold of IT.., They will have no idea what your are talking about.

What you need to do is at the front information desk, is contact Biomed or Clinical Engineering. .

If you get past that point and get to talk to a biomed tech, You may be able to score something.

In my career( over 750 hospitals), i have noticed the staging area for used battery packs. Most are in an area for a  recycler to pick up on a regular basis. They may or may not have a contract with a recycler.

There are many hospitals having to PAY to get rid of their used packs. So, you may score big time if you offer to take there packs for free.

Now, most of the used batteries are mostly NIMH and SLA's, there are a few packs of LI's. Dont expect a big score for lithium's.

Since I am building a NIMH Powerwall system, I have access to thousands of used IV Pump battery packs, all NIMH based. But then again, I have worked with these Biomeds for 12 years and have a great communication network in place.

If anyone needs help on this subject, please, be free to contact me and I can go more into detail on how to "Nicely" access the proper departments at a hospital. If its a hospital that I have done work at, my name can open lots of doors.



NIMH Powerwall Build
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Getting past the front desk is my problem with the medical places I contacted. Got the run around or said to talk with the manager that would have to call me back. Still waiting! I did have some luck contacting smaller computer repair shops about an hour away. I scored 2 boxes of about 100 used packs and they gave them to me to get rid of them! So double score!!
I just came across a crap ton of laptop batteries at the recycling center but decided to pass on it… they were asking $1.50 per lb

I was thinking of processing and selling them but that is also a ton of work haha.

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