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Tesla Model S module Conversion.
(03-02-2019, 02:58 AM)Mart Hale Wrote:

This guy has a great setup, I am using the bms he recommended, of sense I have found the same BMS under different names.

It looks great! Except he really does not have a BMS in there at all. He's got balancers which is part of the way but there is a lot lacking there for protection....especially in parallel. Eddy currents being my main concern because of how volatile and destructive Tesla cells can be.

Unless one can be in constant contact with their banks they should follow the advice found here:

Just ask Jack Rickard

It's an unfortunate truth (and an expensive lesson for me) that each Tesla Module required it's own dedicated BMS as well as ancillary components for each module connected in parallel. Sure, I could have played the odds too but I'm away from this system more than at it and my wife sleeps right on top of it so....
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