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The Jehu PCB v1.1 Testing and Review thread
The purpose of this thread is to document my testing of this open source PCB designed by Jehu Garcia.

While this isn't my first time ordering PCBs, it is my first time using JLCPCB and I must say the experience was pretty good.  My package arrived today via DHL and everything was boxed and packed well.

From what I understand this is the 2nd version of this board.  The PCB is stamped with a v1.1 marking.

Not really sure what I am going to do with these... but I will likely test a few board to failure to see it's catastrophic breaking points, and perhaps build a small project / powerwall to try and identify it's pros and cons.

Stay tuned for more photos and comments.  In the mean time, where are some photos of what arrived.

I am still acquiring parts and pieces to make this happen...

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There's actually 5 revisions. The latest one is a lot better and can handle more current.

Here's Justin Kenny's test video:

That way you can see what he's done and then expound upon the data.
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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
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Excellent, thanks for that link, I didn't know Justin has his own channel! Trying to stay on top of it but I missed that video but I have now subscribed.. Looks like they are testing file "7s_holder_v12."

The testing there looks to thorough, and it reminds me that I still need a thermal camera, an expensive toy I have wanted for a while.

I was under the impression I got the latest board printed... the file name that was distributed by Jehu was "7s_holder_v13_smd"

Do you have a link to what you know is the latest file so I can compare the Gerbers?
The testing videos aren't public Wink I asked him first before posting the link. He's happy to have others test the boards.

Not all the gerbers for each revision is available yet as Justin is still testing. I'll ask him though.
Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician

Please come join in general chit-chat and randomness at
(this chat is not directly affiliated with SecondLifeStorage; VALID email req'd)
No worries... this isn't even my primary project, but I did find the PCB builds interesting so I got the "v2" files from the below YouTube live stream.

As far as I know, there are only two versions in the wild right now that were distributed by Mr Garcia.

7s_holder_v12 aka v1 (Ver 1.0 printed on PCB)
7s_holder_v13 aka v2( Ver 1.1 printed on PCB)
Apologies to all for the bad naming; there are only 2 publicly released versions of the board.

"v1" as Jehu called it, which has file name "", which had through-hole holders only on a single side, and only 1 positive contact on the same side as the negative contact, and higher breaking current balance lead fuses as tested in that video
"v2" has the file name "" is the final publicly released version which has both through-hole and SMD holder support on 2 sides (for SMD) and 2 positive contacts with their own pack level fuses, and reduced breaking current for the balance lead fuses (not yet tested, but around 7A expected)

Any earlier versions (e.g. v10, v11) were just investigations for how to put it together when I was emailing back and forth with Jehu. They were never finished nor released.
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Based on that, looks like I have 20 boards of the latest and greatest, thanks for confirming... building and testing will commence as time permits.
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Mine seem ok. I've got V1.0. Ordered 10, But only using 2 at the mo. Only sorted the BMS Today. But been running for two day's now. At some point the trace's on C2 have burnt out. But it was running without the BMS.
Any thoughts on somehow modding the boards so they could plug into a backplane like someone is designed in another thread? Or at least just the BMS pins?

Thread : The finish-ish of a pcb based 14S 80P powerwall
Quick Update / Progress Post
Pretty busy around here but got some time to knock out one PCB just to do some light testing... 
Initial observation, comments, notes:
  • I like the design, it went together easily.
  • I used a 5A glass axial fuse because that’s what I had around, still digging though the parts bin for some other stuff I think might work well.
  • XT60 to Anderson adapter was used because that’s my standard for most of my gear.
  • Balance cable used instead of stacking header for now.
  • I haven’t really loaded it up, but I can tell it’s not ideal for anything high drain.
  • Light sag at 40w load, going to use power cells to see if anything changes but I am leaning towards high IR coming from cell holders.  
  • I want to try the SMD cell holders which I still need to order so I can do some real performance testing.
  • Still waiting on parts… like the standoffs, stacking headers.

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