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The Jehu PCB v1.1 Testing and Review thread
Nice work. By the way, are you in the US? I'd be interested in buying a few boards to do some testing also if you are. Had an offer from someone in the UK to ship some over but that seemed a bit ridiculous compared to just buying new ones from China.

At least for DC/AC resistance measurement, the SMD holders seem much more consistent, and have about half the resistance. Though the resistance I measured on either was still pretty small, around 30 mOhms I believe. I will be interested to see how the SMD ones fare under the same loading, seems most people aren't interested in using them for some reason, I thought they would be more popular since it supports 2-sided loading and (presumably) higher power.

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RE: The Jehu PCB v1.1 Testing and Review thread - by rev0 - 08-31-2018, 08:25 PM

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