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The day of the Eclipse
I would love to include those who are not living in the US. But, the eclipse only was visible on US/Canadian soil. However, I would still like to read your thoughts if you've seen one before and what your people in other lands did; like parties, or have traditions, or what not.

Were you able to view the full total eclipse, or what portion were you able to see?
What were your thoughts on the eclipse?
Was this your first viewing of an eclipse? If not, how did this one compare to the others?

Living in Florida, I wasn't able to see the whole thing. It only got to about 85-90% here. I was able to view it through welders helmet, though I had to use two lenses as even with that tiny sliver, the lens didn't get dark enough. The light that bathed my land was odd. I can't quite explain it, but it didn't seem quite natural. Another odd thing, the birds were silent. I think I heard 1 cricket. This was the second one I've seen. The previous one was in 1991. But that one was also a partial. I was 11yrs old at the time, so I don't remember a whole lot about it.

The next one for the US is in 2024 stretching from Texas though Michigan and towards Main. I plan on making a trip out to the plains or the mountains so I can see it clearly. If I don't make that one, I'll have to wait till 2045 for the US. Otherwise, I'll have to see about going to S. America in 2044 and one in 2045. I'll be old and bent over, and eyes so bad it'll look dark all the time anyways  Tongue
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My solar array saw it... Central CA

[Image: solar_eclipse.png]
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