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The making of a 24V , 2.4Kw Nimh portable powerunit
Why ? Becouse it can.
And you have to do something with those free nimh e bike batteries. (1.2V 10Ah)

Working on the next setup : 10 packages of 20 cells parallel In a surplus case
Parallel of nimh i hear you say ??
My goal is to use 5 double shottky diodes from old computer psu.(SBL3040)
The casing of these diodes are common kathode.
So i bolt these to a heatsink .
These diodes have about 300- 400mv voltage drop.
So it will be trial and error to see if this drop is a problem or not.
I always can connect 1 extra cell in series to overcome this.
The diodes can handle 15A each leg.
So backup power enough.
Interesting idea. Hopefully you can get your charging in parallel to work for you.

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