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There's a new wall in Germany!
(02-23-2019, 11:32 PM)at21 Wrote: Wow, thx owitte!
Im totally impressed. I live in Salzgitter and want you to ask, if it’s possible to have a look to your masterpiece.
Greetz auke

Sorry for the late reply, if you want to come over, just pm me Smile 

Have sun!

(03-07-2019, 10:29 PM)Chimaera Wrote: Hello. I really liked Your work, You are good. I would like to ask you to reset the full description and used details and how to do it. I just have a crisis in Ukraine and it's getting more expensive, and saving electricity would have helped me a lot. if you can go to the email:********. Thank you in advance.

As Korishan stated, just send me a private message. Hope you understand that I don't have the time to fully document my work here, but if you have specific questions, I will do my best to help you (like most others here).

Have sun!

Cells tested: 5176 (overall: 10058 Ah, average: 1943 mAh)
Cells in production: 2940 (overall: 6174 Ah, average: 2100 mAh)
Wall bank: 7s320p, 672 Ah, 16 kWh
Box bank: 7s100p, 210 Ah, 5 kWh
Project page
Live solar/powerwall values
Daily graph
How do you add new packs in parallel to your already installed packs. They need to be in the same state of charge or voltage that's clear. But how do you make it?
If owitte does not mind, I may be able to give You a few hints.

If Your new cell bank is within 100 mV it should be safe to just connect up.

If Your newbuilt 7s bank is fully charged, and Your existing bank is not, You may do this:

Find Yourself a standard 12V 40/45 W car headlight bulb. Connect the negative ends together and connect the bulb between the 2 positive connectors.

When the bulb does not glow any more, Your banks are equalised enough to be safely connected.

Often it is so easy. Thank you. I always asked myself how a resistor could help equalizing 2 Packs. Now I know. And you take a resistor with optical control, cool.

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