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VLYNX AUTOMOTIVE 12V-48V Resettable THERMAL Fuse Circuit Breaker

Price wise this appears to be a choice for breaker between solar panels and charge controller and charge controller and batteries.

But I am a novice at this.

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How much amperage is the fuse rated for? If it's too high, something will break before it does.
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Thermal fuses are great, for certain applications. However, I personally believe they do not belong in these types of applications. Maybe for eBikes, but not powerwalls.

Reasons: A resettable fuse blows because it gets too hot as too much current flows. Once it cools off, it turns back on. If the problem hasn't been fixed, it heats up and the flips back off. The cycle continues until it is disconnected or the problem fixed.
If you aren't home to tend to it then it could keep flipping on/off till something major happens; which could be a dead battery bank to someone is killed due to touching high voltage they thought was off or a fire is started.

A fully blown fuse/breaker is the way to go, imho. I'd rather it pop and 'stay' off.

I did a search for it and found an eBay listing:
Trolling Motor Marine Grade Waterproof Circuit Breaker
Marine grade circuit breaker protects your ELECTRONIC equipment from electrical damage
Manual reset arm - easy to use and no need to replace fuses
1/4" Stainless Steel Posts with rubber covers
Compatible with all 6V-48V systems

As long as it "stays" off, then it probably will work. And it's designed for DC voltages and amperages. 150A is a pretty good pop point. However, like BlueSword stated, if it's above what your other devices can handle, it won't do any good. So, I think between batteries and inverter/loads would be where this would be set up at.
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They are probably better than the cheaper versions that exist on ebay Smile (The price is like 5 times higher so)
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Also keep in mind that if you have a 48v system, you can't use this even though it's rated for 48v. Most of our 48v systems operate near 60v.
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