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Valence LiFePO4 Battery Questions
I bought some Valence LiFePO4 U1-RT batts from eBay. I am using them as trolling motor batteries in a kayak. They are performing better than my expectations. 

I want to hook up a JST balance connector like in the video from DIY Tech and Repairs. (video linked below for reference) 

I am trying to verify the negative side of the Valence connector. I can't seam to get what I believe are logical readings out of my multi meter.

I would "assume" that if I put the black probe for my multi meter in one side of the connector, and the red probe in the other, I should get a reading in the 3.3v range for an individual cell. If it shows positive voltage, I guessed right, it it shows negative voltage, I guessed wrong. Then I could just switch and verify. 

I have tried "assuming" each side of the connector is negative, and then tried all other wires. I get all kinds of crazy readings from 5v to 0v, yet the batteries are performing well. 

What is wrong in my assumptions?

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