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Hello, please is it possible to wire two separate 15amps bms in one pack to get double the power (30A) ?
Thank you.
Have also been wondering this. I have ordered 2 and will do some testing when they arrive, can’t see any reason why not.
(03-05-2019, 05:33 AM)Idiwzr Wrote: Hello, please is it possible to wire two separate 15amps bms in one pack to get double the power (30A) ?
Thank you.

The problem will be how to distribute the currents equally to both.

its a problem of resistance on the paths.

Personally i consider that approach into the category "different, but not good".
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You will get around 30A for short bursts. But as the BMSes warm up, the combined limit will keep falling.

This has to do with the quirk of semiconductors to have less resistance as they warm up. Thus unless you get two perfectly matched BMS, one of them will have a little less resistance and let through slightly more current, warming it up slightly more than the other BMS, thus reduce its resistance even more... feedback loop with one BMS carrying more than half the current and hitting the 15A limit.

So if you only need 20A~25A max, you'll probably be fine with 2 parallel BMSes.
If you need 30A, you really should look for another solution. Perhaps add a 3rd BMS.
Best solution: get a BMS with 40+A to have some headroom.
Yes, you can run two in parallel but buying a single larger BMS would be best. If running two, make sure to balance leads from both directly to the battery so that there are no shared balancing wires.
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