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Watson Expedition
With everything I've read on conversions, you're really gonna want some ventilation for the trailer as a whole. Since there's no room on the roof then at the top of the walls should work.

We will have lots of windows, but I would like to have some good fans.  I don't have a great solution for this just yet.

I actually could still have exhaust fans in the ceiling.  There will be an air gap between my solar panels and the roof (to better isolate the roof from the solar panel heat).  I could make that a touch bigger.

It also might be interesting to consider a floor intake with a nice filter.  Air should be coolest under the rig, right?  Low, in the shade?
You'll have to see if the fan cover fits under the panels. If that doesn't work, what if you eliminated the front solar panel and moved the rest forward a bit? Then you could have fans in the front and rear, and put intake vets in the floor just forward of the trailer wheels.
Yeah you know I think I actually have some workable space up there.  I've changed from a v-nose to a flat front, so that might change what I can get away with.

Another thing just occurred to me, though.  Another good reason to not have roof vents is insulation.  Wherever you have that roof opening, there's effectively zero insulation there.
Sharing some progress pictures.  I've broken apart many packs, but I still have MANY more to go!

Will be nice to get my closet space back.
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Well, its funny that i´m thinking about the exact same idea with a trailer and i would like to exchange some suggestions!

Isolation of a roof window is a problem, yes - but: Depends how its made. Standart, buyable solutions have the problem of isolation, thats correct but who says to stop here?
I´m planning to combine the first layer from the solar pannels to one big rack in combination of a full isolated roof window, movable through sliders.

The only thing about is to invent a cheap and easy solution to lock the solar panel rack in position until the window is pushed open, then you can slide the window with the solar rack. 

I hope even with my incredible bad english you can understand what a want to say.

the big difference to my project may be the "stealth" in the trailer. Only the doors at the end, no side windows, only one roof window as emergency exit and easy solution to reach the roof without a ladder.

Because i´m a german hvac engineer is it relativly simple for me to put a air ventilation system into the trailer for cooling and heating with a thermal exchanger.
Through the continuous air exchange there will be absolutly no condenswater inside and always good air quality. Redundancy with the fans should be make, danger of suffocate is imminent.

Simple to say: i´m trying to make a complete offgrind, active energy (produce more energy as consume) and full time house within a trailer.

It may be a little offtopic to discuss the other problems like toilett solution, water managment and air conditioning but if your guys are interested i can tell some more!
That's great!  Good to see a fellow-traveler.  We are indeed shooting for fully-off grid as well.  We thought about stealth, but decided against it, and are actually now going to try for a "mimic" to attempt to look as much like an RV as possible so that we don't get denied at resort type campgrounds.  I think for steal to be more beneficial to us, we'd need to have a much shorter trailer.

I'd love to hear what else you're doing!  Do share!
I'm officially at exactly 15% extracted!  600 batteries (although one has gone missing... pesky little thing) are all ready to be tested.

On the testing front, I'm considering a DIY cell testing solution like some other folks have made.  My RV will have a decent amount of custom stuff in it (to tap into things like water tank levels, lighting, accelerometers, and several other monitors), so this would be a good opportunity to get my head back in the electronics game.  It definitely won't be cost or time effective, but the experience is really what I'm after.

The current plan is a 16-cell WiFi-driven charging unit.  All readouts and and controls will be WiFi driven.  Since they're all WiFi based, it will be mostly "infinitely" scalable.  I'm currently thinking I'll make 6 units giving me a testing capacity of 96 cells at once.

Here's the high level plan of the circuit:
  • TP4056 for charging, remotely controlled via CE pin
  • LTC2990 for voltage measurement, one chip can monitor 4 cells at once, and 4 of these chips can be on the same I2C bus (this is the 16 cell limit before multiplexing is needed)
  • PCA 9555 to control the CE pin on TP4056 and switch on the drain resistor
  • 4 ohm 10W resistor for discharging, controlled via ????? <~ Haven't decided how to switch this yet, maybe relay?  They're fairly cheap
  • DS18B20 1-wire temperature measurement
The result should hopefully be a relatively simple circuit, delegating all the heavy lifting to a RPi Zero W over 1-wire and I2C.

There's still some more small parts to add in here, but current parts cost is around $115 for this 16 cell charger, including a DC power supply and PCB manufacturing.  Compared to $38x4 for an Opus setup... like I said I'm definitely not saving money, but hopefully I'll gain some experience!
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