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Weather Conditions in Fl, USA
Ok, so we finally got out power back on! Phew! A/C and Fans!!!  YES!!!  The A/C more to pull the humidity outta the air.

So, here's a few pics of the things I did to help me keep power over the past week:


So, after 4 days, I remembered I had these small solar panels. They put out 8V open circuit voltage (not sure about the amps). So I connected them up 2s2p and connected them to the LA below to help slow down the draw. It didn't stop it, of course, but definitely added a couple hours worth for a couple days. 

So, before the storm, I was already ready by getting the 900CA Marine Deep Cycle LA. Cost about $135 from Wally World (with taxes). It ran pretty decently.
What's pictured is actually the 3rd iteration of mods to the setup. The LiCo's didn't come till right after the solar panel remembrance. So, I didn't run on those the whole time.
In the middle of the pic under the "S" on the battery, you'll see a yellow power cord that has long leads going to the battery terminals. The other end goes to a pair of alligator clips for connecting to my car battery and I could do a bit of trickle charge when I idled the car. Unfortunately, I couldn't get much closer than about 50', so there was about 1.25V drop as I didn't have any wire larger than 14 gauge. 


In this pic you can see how the pack is constructed. I took 8 4 cell holders and zip tied everything together. 2 holders are back to back to give me 8p, so all in all I have 4s8p. However, I had to drop down the 3s8p because the current draw was too high as the voltage was 16V compared to the LA.
I had to get a little creative with the construction. As you can see, there are NO solder joints at all. Everything is press fit. Even the tabs on the back of the holders are press fitting against the mated one. I then took 16 gauge wire and stripped it, twisted it, and used a flat head screwdriver to press it in behind the tabs and the holders to keep it in place. It was actually a really tight fit.
It's a somewhat shoddy design and build, but it worked. That pack assisted the LA and was able to give just enough to keep things afloat. 

The UPS I think is about shot. Yesterday it started making a loud buzzing sound when I turned it on when I got home; annoyingly loud (had to close the door to the room it was in so I could watch the tv). The odd thing is, as I added loads to it, the buzzing sound when down and even stopped when I had enough load on it. Not sure what this means or why it did it.
But I was able to watch my small 19" lcd tv, keep my devices charged, and able to run a small 12V DC water pump to supply water to the house. Though, the water flowed slowly, it was sufficient to take a shower (albeit cool/cold) and brush my teeth and water the dogs. 

All in all, no major damage on our property. 2 trees landed on the lines, a few trees that had grown 'in' the ditch fell over clearing the ditch (so that wasn't a bad thing). Down the road were several trees down and one house had a pecan tree fall close enough to the front that all they see is tree out the window. I don't believe anyone was injured in our area from the storm. Several people with tractors, big trucks, chain saws, etc helped out where they could.

I hope the storms are done so the linemen/women can get back home. We had people all the way from Oklahoma and Nebraska down here helping. One guy on the radio was responding to the complainers ("Why isn't my power on yet?" "Why are they just standing around not doing anything?" "Why is it taking so long?" etc etc) stating that he hasn't seen his family in over a month. He is from Oklahoma. I thought about it afterwards, I'm guessing he was part of the crews that went to Texas first after Harvey, then came down here. He hasn't seen his family, hasn't slept in a bed (except for 1 night), been working 18hrs a day, all for over a month; and the poor guy sounded like he was about to fall asleep on the phone.

jdeadman: hows your aunt fairing? Was she able to make it back home yet?
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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
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Yea she's back home and just about everything is fine. She had power when she first got back but someone down the street knocked over a power pole. So she's in the dark till they get her back up.
Sheesh, that sux she lost power "after" the storm. People are crazy Tongue
Good to hear she got back home with everything in tact.
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Proceed with caution. Knowledge is Power! Literally! Cool 
Knowledge is Power; Absolute Knowledge is Absolutely Shocking!
Dollar Shave Club. Best Razor I've ever used
Certified 18650 Cell Reclamation Technician

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