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keen to share as I progress
7 23.33%
feel like i can contribute
6 20.00%
got a project, need help
7 23.33%
interested, but not in s rush to get hands dirty
3 10.00%
dont know / other
0 0%
i object / surveys suck
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7 23.33%
Total 30 vote(s) 100%
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Welcome to Second Life Storage, DCkiwi speaking

ACTION: arrive at Second Life Storage.  WELCOME!

yes, you can use some features of Second Life Storage as a Guest, but to get involved, you need to join up.

ACTION: donate

as everything here is voluntary, everything you do and share is by definition a donation.  but getting beyond the fluffyness of that aspect there is also a place for hard currency to be forked over.  this could be directly to the forum if you are so inclined and able.  hosting costs are nonfree, no matter how much admin time is donated.

using and promoting the ads that run at the top of this forum also helps -- ain't it great that EVERY SINGLE AD that is there is both lovely to see AND kinda tempting to click cause its oh so relevant and oh so tried and tested and recommended by experienced peoples?  'nough said.

ACTION: register

it's free (as in, no $$ cost/charge to you directly).

the TOS are quite straightforward, and written in human readable text.  although they are nonnegotiable, the admins  welcome enquiries and feedback.

ACTION: login

once you are registered

you can now participate fully in the community.

this may be in a passive form -- sandbagging, and locking down your profile to super private ..

or this may be in some more active way -- logging in, viewing, referring, liking, posting, replying, rating, PM'ing, voting, grow your buddy list get a warning (not recommended, albeit you wont be deplatformed as you don't sponsor this forum..) and probably more that I haven't thought of.  

if you are doing a project, then you are here for help.  I humbly suggest you start digging your well, before you become too much thirstier .. build your rep, by taking part.  the sooner you join in, the sooner you'll find your 'spot/place/niche' around here ... and it is huge.  if you do decide to become a more active member of Second Life Storage, then please take the next thought onboard:

this forum has an EXTREMELY high signal to noise ratio.  lets keep it that way.

that is both aimed at no-one in particular, yet everyone at the same time.  each forum is different, but the big and healthy ones all have something in common -- a Great Community.  But I digress..

ACTION: like

this is the bread and butter of giving feedback.  DO NOT make a post just to say thanks to someone who posted.  hit the like button and move on.  they get stats reflecting that like, and ten pages of thanks don't drown out one page of actual discussion etc.  and you get stats too. for liking a post.

making a post to effectively 'like' another post is very bad form, you can see why soon.. (below)

advanced tip for regular members: do NOT REPLY to thanks messages.  they may be deleted, sooner or later.  this MAY result in your post being truncated with your last post if you are the OP and posting frequently, but ... best to avoid replying.  like their post ... and it will be sorted out in the wash.

TO ALL: all that said, let this not be any dissuasion from posting.  sometimes the elaboration on your thanks adds to the community.  but make sure it does!

ACTION: rate

there are two main way of rating someone.  either by their profile, or via one of their posts.  To see the difference click on the profile of another memebr -- or your own.  you will see that the TOTAL reputation is make up from COMBINING these two sources.  deciding on which to use depends on many things.  For instance I have watched HOURS of HB's yt videos before  joining this forum, so I would give rating via profile.  Other members have helped me IMMENSELY in a single post, in which case I rate via that post, to help them know what kind of post is blowing peoples minds.  Get it?  *whew*

and if you really wanna get into someone you have rated (who doesn't ?!) .. you can check out 'all posts' made by them.  its linked in their profile page.  of course, if all they post is 'thanks mate' then are you thinking you've hit gold, or ??  mmmm.

this is my personal stat, which I take pride in, and make a POINT of ALWAYS up'ing those that both led me to this place, and also respecting those that I have met and learned from here.  how much is your life worth?  you can at LEAST 'rate' the member here who saved it.  more than once.  come on ... we all know this is tricky stuff ... just say thanks ... rate those that are safe, love life, and have shared that with you.  simple!

If you've read this far please consider voting in the poll -- then you get to see the results!  tee hee.
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all systems nominal... rock on.
thanks for the votes.  keep 'em coming.

good to see at least two others appreciate my humor .. heh heh
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all systems nominal... rock on.
Now that is one industrious Kiwi
Starting to build a nest here are we. Big Grin

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If 18 X 650 = 2200+mAh then we have power! 
May all your Cells have an IR of 75mΩ or less Smile
Last count as of 8/7/2019
Total Number of Cells Recorded and processed                 6149
Total Cells required for PowIRwall                                   2856
Total Cells ≥2200mAh, ≥80%, ≥35mΩ, ≤75mΩ, ≥4.12V   2760
For Info Google Drive
Not your average Wolf       
(01-25-2019, 12:48 PM)Wolf Wrote: Hm 
Now that is one industrious Kiwi
Starting to build a nest here are we. Big Grin

yeah, I thought it might be a cool place to hang out for the next ... long time.

no plans to go anywhere soon ...
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all systems nominal... rock on.
these fruits on the streets are everywhere
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