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What I'm working on
Hi all

I've currently got 5kWh of batteries connected to 420W of solar. Using the power to charge & discharge my next 5kWh, plus 2 e-bike and a few other bits and pieces.

Current projects:
- build up another 1kWh with my "Small Blocks" 3D printed battery holders, then restocking the Powershelf
- supporting Chris Bird on the pack sorting app
- designig a new DIN rail mount that will work with "standard" 18650 battery clips
- updating my 18650 t-shirt design
- trying to build a 1+kWh pakc from old e-bike LiFePO pouch cells
- generally trying to improve my process to improve safety and reduce processing time (hard to balance those two)
- refurbishing an old server rack cabinet to work as a fire resistant battery enclosure
- tracking the two no-BMS packs I've got

And editing YouTube clips.

All good fun!
Looking forward to seeing how you develop your design further :-)
i am interested in the pouch battery idea. I will be following this closely.

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