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What kind of charger?
Hi Group!

I'm assembling a battery backup block with reclamed panasonic 26650 cells i got in hilti's battery packs i bought a 4S BMS and plan a 4S/4P pack. i'm new at this so i»'m woundering if a little wall adaptor could do the trick to recharge that pack?

Thanks in advence for your advice!  Huh Huh Huh Cool

P.S. Sorry if this is full of writing mistake french is my first language!  Tongue
A little wall adapter could charge this pack assuming you do NOT exceed the top end voltage of each individual cell, and the total pack voltage.

With a wall adapter, you only saftey device is the BMS, and IMO not the most reliable way to protecting the pack, but it does work. That is how the hover-board packed were charged...

Have you considered using a "Hobby Charger" or a "Balance Charger" ? It's not as convenient, but it sure is a better option if you build the packs with balance leads.
What model of charger would you recomend

all i have is a wheel chair charger Invacare model 16810 24v/8amps that i use for my 7s/8p pack that i built for my e-bike and a 12 volts PS3 power supply 12v/30some amps.
i also have a couple of 24v charger 1.5 and 2 amps
Look at cheap rc chargers like the Imax B6 they can also balance charge
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Do you have a budget in mind?   These things really range in price... $20 to $350 is your working price range for a balance charger.

Many many hobby chargers to choose from.  I am a bit particular to the iCharger line, I have had good luck with them.

I also have a $25 Accucel 6 and for the purpose of charging a battery, also works just fine.

The bulk of balance chargers on the market are 6s, with a few 8s and 10s options. 

(09-14-2018, 07:15 PM)jdeadman Wrote: Look at cheap rc chargers like the Imax B6 they can also balance charge

I think SkyRC is a good company but too many Imax B6 clones on the market.  Be careful if you go this route.  The fakes are junk.

Turnigy was my go-to brand for budget stuff.  I would start there, perhaps an Turnigy Accucel, iCharger, or something from ISDT which I haven't tried yet.

Considering the OP has 7s packs too, it might be worth his while to get something with at least 8s or 10s support.
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