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Whats the secret to opening laptop packs?
Everyone has their own method.
I use side cutters and kind of pinch the plastic near the joins and pry the open. It works for me but whatever works
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     Choose LiFe  Wink

Another method, I found that a pipe wrench works very good as well, if you know how the packs are costructed. If you do, then it is very easy to totally squash and destroy the joints of the pack. Again, especially useful if all your packs are the same kind.
To all that have opened 1000's of packs you guys have a better feel for it, however, in my experience here is what I have found:

1.  Gloves are great! (thin, tough, better for dexterity)

2.  No matter what, you WILL bleed for this project.  For me, many times over, plus the occasional hot glue or solder burn.

3.  Use pointed, shearing-type cutter for the Nickel strips (think of the way scissor cut versus side cutters come together flat)

4.  Stick in vice, use crescent or channel-locks to twist ~120 degrees each way then open.

5.  Get a set of plastic prybars they're cheap, work great for getting in between double-sided tape and case.
They are also for many other things in the project, and obviously, non-conductive.
( ebay:               Car-Door-Plastic-Trim-Panel-Clip-Lights-Radio-Audio-Removal-Pry-Open-Tool-MU-/162488309608 )

6.  Time, it takes alot of time to open and strip, no way around it. 

7.  Laptop manufacturers Love tape, and silicon glue. You will have plenty of time to think about how and why they use so much of it.

8.  I have been thinking of a way to test cells before striping all the tape, glue, and nickel strips off, which will save alot of tedious, time-consuming work. 

9.  Print out the Cell database sheet in color and hang it on the wall in front of you.
You want to quickly ID, separate, and exclude cells that have low capacity (eg 2000mAh new ) prior to pack disassembly. 

10.  Plan your size system.
If you plan 100 or 100000 cells, estimate and order enough Chargers, Dischargers (Proper resistors), internal resistance (if your into that kinda thing) testers, plastic mounting holders (4x5), decent 60watt+ soldering iron or bus bar welder, Fuse material, etc ordered.

Because, packages from china take 1-2mo. and sometimes get lost and need to be ordered. You don't want to wait for testing equipment to arrive before you, like me, have 20 chargers but only 1 discharger.. Sad

Other possible things:
plastidip your sheer tips , that way you can reduce the short circuit potential.  Granted the sheer face and tips will be worn down with normal use but other non-contact points would be less likely to touch.

hope that helps Smile
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My preferred method to date, since I sit on my front verandah and pop em, is to take the pack and give it a twist, if it pops, all good, if not, that's when the timber post comes into play. That post has alot of little CNR indentations on it now, and to date, have only bent a cell when trying to use a hammer, thus why the post was commissioned haha
(09-14-2017, 01:35 PM)nautal Wrote: ...
8.  ...... test cells before striping all the tape, glue, and nickel strips off, which will save alot of tedious, time-consuming work. 

So much yes.
Though I did choose to remove the nickel dags. Too much blood doth flow already, didn't really feel like leaking any more.
Like peter did in his latest video, get in touch with your inner cave man. Smack it on the ground!!
The most important thing though: Don't be an idiot!

I just found that out the hard way, ignoring my own advices I'm giving to people. Now there is a 3cm long cut in my left thumb and blood on the floor. I'm done with processing cells at the moment so I haven't done any for a while but I just found one additional battery. I thought "Oh well, just get this quicky done, how hard can it be?!". Very was the answer. I wasn't wearing gloves (you know, getting them takes longer than opening the pack!) and I was using a knife trying to pry open a pack that I knew was a sturdy pack just because I didn't have pliers or the pipe wrench around (you know, searching for them takes longer than opening the pack!). Found out afterwards that I did actually, I just haven't seen them. Oh well...
Oh I praise the day when I saw Peter twisting the packs.. so much faster than having to pry every single one open. I just can't bring myself to smash them on the ground if they don't open right away..

Be careful with older packs with brittle plastic. Prying them open sometimes let shrapnels fly across the room. I have some safety glasses at hand that I use while opening these hard plastic packs.

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