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Where Did You Find Us?
salt lake. . . I own my landscaping business and at the beginning didn't have the money to pay for repairs so I taught myself and now I'm in the mindset that I want to learn everything and never pay someone to fix something for me or make it if I can help it. When my less than a year old pair of dewalt batteries would be dead every time I would pick it up I was blown away to find out they were just batteries . . . matter a fact everything is just batteries hahaha so to make a long story long Youtube don't know who it was I was watching but he was kinda annoying cool wall thought
 ps. I've been looking for the thread on where I can find some used resources . . . what are the rules if any of starting my own battery recycle type deal. . is there anyone out there doin it?
I got interested about batteries trough scout, I thought I need some way to charge my phone when I'm on a camp. So I started googling how to make bigger battery of some lipos I had, I came across jehus videos I watched them, but didn't really like how they were and started searching youtube for somebody else and found HBpowerwalls. Joined the facebook group and asked how I could build a battery and got link to repackr. Now I just finished my first project and joined here. I started at age of 13.
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Welcome to the forum!
BTW cool powerpack you made!
Started with youtube videos of Quad freestyle pilots then a video link popped up for e-bikeschool and Jehu. I started refining my search more and came across aveRAGEjoe and he has been my go to person for watching his builds and blooper reals. He has responded to several of my questions via you tube and I feel he has been very helpful without going over my head like some other people on you tube do. I do watch a few videos on HB power wall videos but his build are too complex for me and looking at all the cells on his baturium makes me nauseous to think how many individual 18650 cells he had to test and retest and then build and wire together.
Hi all, I'm Marc from the Netherlands.

Find this forum through the forumsection of tweakers(dot)net.
I got a few, really just like 6 older used 18650 and was wondering if/how to use them in another appication like in a rc car.

great site to read and learn and I thank you all for this.

cheers Marc

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