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Wind Generators - Vertical vs Horizontal
Yep... not ideal. I was expecting at least one or two settings and not just a "brake voltage" which is not really a setting, more like "at what voltage level do you want your turbine to burn out at ?" sarc...

It will likely end up as a backup unit.
You mean break voltage.

Inverters designed specifically for use with WTs aren't MPPT, it's you that enters the numerous (at least 10 idealy) current/voltage points, which the output will track. Get that wrong and the turbine will either stall or overspeed.

A solar MPPT inverter will attempt to automatically find the maximum power point, which varies - the output of a WT will be fixed (found either by design or experimentation).


The only wind controller I have found so far that allows settings by voltage and current are the GTIL 1kW and 2kW models but they are grid tie only and not sure what the losses are at no generation or little generation. For a small 700W unit with average output around 100-200W losses of >20W would be significant. Also not sure how these behave if they lose the grid connection... if they unload the turbine to spin to destruction.

In theory a wind MPPT controller can learn the turbine characteristics and track the voltage up rather than with solar tracking the current down.. not sure if any out there can or do this already ?
There's no such thing as MPPT in WT inverter design.

When the inverter unloads, perhaps due to grid loss that's when the over voltage protection (which is external, and electrically before the inverter) kicks in the dump.

Outback have some kit that allows rudimentary settings for WT use with DC charging.
Thank you.
Chiming in late on this one, sorry. I have a 3.5kw VAWT for 3-4 years now and it works pretty well. The most power in one day was 29kwh, typically 6-10kwh 250-500w on average, its a good supplement to our power though as we are at 53* north.
A few points:
In urban areas a VAWT might be safer in the case of mechanical destruction. A friend has a 6Kw HAWT and it threw one blade 300m!
HAWT's are 20-40% more efficient but can be crazy expensive because of the management circuits needed on some machines. €35k in one case for a small machine I know about.
Dont consider any turbine unless you have a very good site or you will be disappointed.

Good luck.

(03-05-2019, 02:34 PM)SemaJG Wrote: I have a 3.5kw VAWT for 3-4 years now and it works pretty well. The most power in one day was 29kwh, typically 6-10kwh 250-500w on average ....

What's the manufacturers name ?
Polish made, Hipar.

(03-05-2019, 04:22 PM)SemaJG Wrote: Polish made, Hipar.


A Mikrogeneracja install ?
Mmmm, yes. You on the wet island Sean?


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