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Wobbleszo Powerwall
Hello Second Life Storage, 

I wanted to post my project here. The current state is a WIP and to simplify things I have simply been posting updates to my Google site ( I don't have any ads or anything to make revenue (mostly just share my progress with family and friends). 

To Do List: 

  1. Build new 14s, 200p pack from the 3200mAh cells Panasonic NCR 18650BD (using fuse wire this time)
  2. Mount remaining solar panels for better charging (8x 150W Mighty Max and 28x Renogy 100W panels)
  3. Keep re-wrapping cells and breaking down packs
  4. Reinstall disconnects
  5. Upgrade Sunkko 709AD+ spot welder pen to one like Mike N or Average Joe did (very nice!)
  6. disassemble ~65 x 36V hover board packs 20 cells each (10s, 2p)
  7. disassemble 14s, 60p battery
  8. construct second 14s, 200p pack from mixed cells
High level information: 
  • 2x MakeSkyBlue 60A Charge controllers 
  • 1x Aims 10kW pure sine wave inverter
  • 4,500+ cells (~2000+ Panasonic NCR 18650BD)
  • 8 gauge cable used for panel to charge controller
  • 4/0 used to connect battery to Inverter
  • 1x batrium BMS v4 kit used with 14 Longmons

I'm sure I am forgetting something, but that is why there's an edit button! 

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Great potential there.

That one photo of the 36v system isn't for the OCD crowd. :-)
(12-04-2018, 11:55 PM)Shade Wrote: Great potential there.  

That one photo of the 36v system isn't for the OCD crowd.   :-)

Unfortunately, I do not excel in OCD. I try to do my best to be safe, but I am not one for great cable management or lining everything up just so. I'll keep updating as I make progress; thanks for the comments!
Sure, for some there is an aspect of OCD and/or a professionalism (see, but the main reason that a lot of effort is made to keep the installation neat and tidy is to ensure that it is maintainable (perhaps bu others) and that mistakes are not made. These are safety issues.

In the UK (and I presume other countries) all electrical work must be carried out by a "competent person". Note that the law doesn't prescribe what a competent person is, that is for a court to decide. One favoured method would be for that person to have gained accreditation from a recognised body and have suitable tickets for the work undertaken. However that in itself doesn't prove competency. If you did some work on your house and nothing burned down, it may be hard for a 3rd party to argue against your competency in court, but if it did burn down, you'd probably find it hard to prove the other way.

Fires can happen even if the installation was done perfectly. A faulty piece on equipment perhaps. If you had a fire and there was an investigation you'd likely find yourself uninsured. Someone would look at that installation and immediately come to the conclusion that you are not competent and I think you would find it impossible to argue otherwise. Low voltage DC is not regulated in the same way as Main AC supplies so one can argue that you are competent even without relevant qualifications, but you would need evidence. If you have a well laid out design, documented to show schematic diagrams, along with calculations for fusing, breakers, cable sizes etc, then you would have all that is required to argue on court.
Wobbleszo: Sorry to tease you about the non-OCD cable management. I didn't mean to be harsh. From the photos, all evidence suggests you enjoy your hobby, which will keep you off the streets at least. <-- you see, I can't help myself.

The 36v system was the one I studied the longest. There's a lot going on there. Still, I say 'potential' because you have a ways to go yet to really power that 10kW split-phase beast of an inverter. Your transfer switch setup is by far the safest way to go on the AC side.

So many cells. I empathize. In my case, I need only remind myself that it's a hobby which means I have infinite time to complete what would otherwise be a daunting task ahead. Do it for the joy of it and that imminent feeling of accomplishment (my personal favorite).
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