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another reliable inverter customer
The last test was a failure.same setup as before battery wise 63 amp airpax dc CB once batteries were connected flipped the CB on, turned on inverter, the fans on inverter spun for about 1 second then it started beeping. no voltage display on either dc meter or ac meter. Nothing was hooked to the ac side. Tried hooking it up as I had it before with the 30 amp CB, no good, then tried hooking it up directly again no good. emailed the company they gave me instructions to test the mosfets, first step removing the fuses , ok fuses are easy to remove especially blade fuses so I thought. I emailed again tonight explaining the problem with removing the fuses. I stopped messing with it, til they get back to me again

later floyd
So the reliablepower inverter wasn't that reliable?

It appears you really get what you pay for in the world of inverters... I keep looking at the PIP / MPP Solar / Maximum Solar units because others around here are using them, but they still feel like they are on the lower end of the spectrum all things considered.
(04-09-2018, 05:17 PM)Crimp Daddy Wrote: It appears you really get what you pay for in the world of inverters...

Well, this is "kind of" true. I recently came across some comments posted by businessmen/women(?) that deal with a lot of Chinese manufacturers.

The problem is, they will start a company, build quality goods, sell at a slight loss, then after the name is recognized and really out there, start skimping out on the parts and recoup any losses from the beginning. Several different people have commented on this practice and I've seen it over the past year watching videos from well known reviewers.

Even Julian Ilett came across the problem. He go an MPPT charger that was really good. Worked exactly as it was supposed to and recommended others to use it. About a year later, ppl started complaining about it to him. So he bought a more recent one to do an investigation. The MPPT controllers had the same model number, almost identical case (just different color), and the same instruction manual. But, when he took it apart, it had a different board inside, and it wasn't MPPT at all, but PWM.

So, it's quite possible that the "reliable power" inverters are starting to get into the "start cheaping out so we can recoup our losses" portion of their practices. Which is really unfortunate.

Another company that outsources to China to build their RC electric motors had problems. The outsourced company made an identical forgery and even started selling them under the same name/brand. People started complaining to the Brand company and they started looking into it. The China manufacturer had started making cheaper version of the same product and selling it on the side to make more profit. Cheaky bastards.
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I remember that Julian Ilett review because I almost bought one of those MPPT controllers because of him... but I decided for really not that much more money I could just get something from Victron.

Its really unfortunate, but buying from China has a lot of buyer beware, and a lot of shady stuff happening with counterfeit goods. Alternately there is just good old fashion trickery from the sound of it too.

The PIP / MPP Solar / Maximum Solar units are made in Taiwan, but I have concerns about longevity, quality, support. I would venture to guess any of those concerns could be put to rest buying from Victron, Magnum, or Schneider but really I think they might be a safe middle ground.
Although it could have been operator error which caused it to blow a couple fuses if the mosfets test good I may just solder new fuse holders to the existing holders and use the 20 amp fuses I bought for my power wall.
On the plus side the company has been prompt on returning my emails. Explaining how to test the mosfets.

The video links they sent are not so good.
I have a Schneider Xantrex 1000 watt 24v inverter
Pure sine wave 36v to 120v inverters are few and far between.
I have found two companies that make 3000+ watt 36volt inverters both in China. Reliable and Sigineer, of the two Sigineer looks more professionally made the have a good web site and will be making a 5000 watt 36volt inverter sometime in the next month I am told.

Later floyd
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