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any way to create packs without soldering?
Hey everybody,

i am messing around with li-ion cells for some months now.
Till now i managed to repair some products by replacing one or more dead cells (like AEG vacuum cleaners...)

But since i started in this area i was allways thinking about making myself a nice little backup-battery.
i do not own a solar panel - its more like because of the fun of it.

So far i tried to repair packs by soldering in the new cells but i am having big problems with that.
(try to not heat up the cell too much, i need lots of solder, most of the time the solder does not really stick to the surface of the cell...)

I know a better way would be spot welding but i dont have any experience in welding and im not sure if its really worth for me to buy a spot welder.
So after all i would like to ask you if you know a way to build battery packs without soldering / welding.
Best would be any anything where you just "click-in" the cells for example like the batteries in a tv remote.

Any ideas?

There are several out there, but you will need to research

We are not alowed to name one on this site as naming it is banned. Several users have had success with it.

About 6 months back there was a new system coming out of India but have not heard much since original hype.

Some here just purchase the leaf spring battery holders

All options are expensive compared to hand solder

Also many options to build your own equipment own a battery
oh okay,

well would it be allowed to message some names?
or any hints.. i have no idea what to search for...
You can use the standard cheap holders that use a silver tab. These will probably be fine with low current draws, sub-200mA. I think they are just chrome plated steel. I have not tested this, just a guess due to the high resistance.

You can get the other type of holders that use brass or beryllium contacts. These have a much lower resistance and hold a lot tighter and won't corrode, rust or oxidize. They may tarnish slightly, but better than rusting/oxidation.

There's also the many ways you can build one yourself. Plastic pipe with a flip top comes to mind. Or 3D print something.

btw, here's a previous thread that talked about this exact issue:
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If you have trouble soldering the cells you just need a bigger iron with higher thermal capacity. Cells can easily be soldered and a suitable iron is pretty cheap so it might be worth it even for small amounts of work.

Spot welding is the way to go when you are doing lots of cells. Probably not worth it for just a few cells, buying is too expensive for this and making a welder yourself requires knowledge and time, probably not worth it either.

And then, as mentioned, are cell holders which are suitable for low current applications. For 18650s they are easy to get, for other sizes of lithium cells probably not as easy. They offer the whole click-in experience and make it very comfortable but aren't suitable for high currents because of the small contacts.
Chablis_m The F system itself got banned due to their approach regarding it and we then later on saw so many flaws in it that they didnt accept as flaws.

Its good idea but the way they put it together was bad. Yes some have it working for sure but there is so many that it failed for during build or later on that we decided not to promote it untill those issues have been sorted.

There are some more systems but the closes working is normal holders. Works but its expensive. The easiest non soldering is proper spot-welding. Yes it cost but its not cheap what we do Smile
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You can get spot welders for a good price. Buying cell holders will be more expensive for big packs. What are you planning to build? What Size?
There are a growing number of folks that are 3D printing holders and just purchasing the tabs/springs

Having a dedicated thread just for open source 3d options for our Hobby would be great to start and keep updated.

Took a while to find but here is the old thread on the subject of the new at the time Nishi system

The NESE system can be found here

Thread 20 of Nishi system refers to the F-Systyem, the Nishi system, and the NESE system from Agnius as current players

The thread somewhat leaves use in the dark about the results of testing.

Hope this helps
I know this is a older post. And this is my first reply .
If you watch some yt videos. There are several that have built a welder using a car battery, a solenoid and some ohther items of sorts

Not a hard build. And will be how I go about it.

Nothing you can’t do.
(05-23-2019, 03:07 AM)Dr mac Wrote: I know this is a older post. And this is my first reply .
If you watch some yt videos. There are several that have built a welder using a car battery, a solenoid and some ohther items of sorts

Not a hard build. And will be how I go about it.

Nothing you can’t do.

It is worth using a system controlled by a microcontroller. Especially if you plan on doing a lot of spot welding. There are problems with solinods sticking shut. Also it gives you far greater control, as you can control the exact duration of the weld.

There are plenty of projects on this site and elsewhere on the internet. Look for Aruino spot welder. Or look at some pre make kits like the K-Weld.

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