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balancer self configurable?
(03-17-2019, 08:07 AM)emuland-metroman Wrote: im using in another way.

my apologies.  I jumped to conclusions.  I didnt even look at the diagram closely.  I now get what you are saying ...

Quote:so, problem Is that input and Reading section share same ground.? Need to check if There s some way to cut trace and have circuit still working

um, no, it would never be as simple as 'cutting a trace', otherwise, surely the OEM would have done that.

completelycharged gives some good insight, but ...

(03-17-2019, 11:16 PM)completelycharged Wrote: Yes, If they had used an isolated opamp to pass the voltage through it would have worked
Easy to test, just a basic continuity between the -ve terminals.

Might be a start, but ... a multimeter is a tool that can only answer what it is correctly asked of it ...  Im far from convinced this is good way to test for ground loops/issues. 

Ground loops might have just become 'my thing' ... hmmmm. (resisting the urge to crossthread here)
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i ll buy 2-3 to check what can be done, maybe
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