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basics question for assembling packs and testing cells.
Ok i will do separate pack, and try to have the same capacity for the 2 packs, 

for example i will put 1s10p ( not 1s in real but for easier calculation ) with 2000mah cells, to have 20.000mah capacity.

and anther pack with 1s14p with 1500mah cells to have closer capacity ( 21.000mah )
I think you don't understand what I mean.

It's better to do mixed packs (4sXp with both 2000mAh and 1500mAh), or you make two whole strings (4sXp with 2000mAh and 4sXp 1500mAh) and connect them in parallel (also each connection in between has to be paralleled).

Hope you understand now what I mean...
Overmind no dont serie 3x2Ah with 4x1.5ah. That is 3 cells in one and 4 in one and it will cause imbalance in IR and things like busbar style and other factor. Its better to have same amount of 2ah as 1.5ah in each pack that are in series.

You can of course do 1 full string with only 2ah and parallel that one with 1 full string of 1.5ah. but that is the same as i try to explain. Keep the packs in a string 100% even. IN all ways possible.
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