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case design
I bought a bunch of 18560 li ion cells of eBay and recycled some on my own now i want to use the batteries in some of my projects. i want to have a modular design for my packs. I'm looking into making a 5s or 6s packs with 4 cells in parallel and connecting them with a BMS and if needed a dc dc converter.

I am looking into possible casings for the pack so only two contacts are exposed an the whole unit is sealed and contained.

I like the design of old lead gel batteries with screw on or blade connectors ( 2 contacts, hermetically sealed, resistant to moisture and nice and square)
i also found these packs ready assembled but i only want a case


my second idea were small hard shell waterproof cases for cameras like the amazon basics one but they are a bit expensive and not square and you have to modify them with plugs and sockets like jehugarcias solar generator I or II. 

the third option are cases for e bike packs. at first i only thought of them for my e bike to get some more packs for longer rides but why can't i mount one of these to my electric lawn motor or use a few of the in my garden shed for some power and create my own battery system like DeWalt or Makita and use the same style battery in each vehicle or implement.

I would loose the squareness of the cases but i could easily swap batteries around and use them wherever i need them and the cases seem quite rugged but also a bit expensive. i would arrange them in 7s for 24v and add dc dc converters to implements that need them

the first would be the easiest and also modular because of the fast connects but i can not find empty cases maybe i can by some broken batteries and dissemble them my self ( yes i know acid is corrosive and you should not do it and i will probably never get them to seal again). if i can get the cases empty i expect them to be the cheapest option.
i really do not like the second option at all and only consider it as a backup plan.
the third option on the other hand i like a lot. If I can get a few cases maybe 10 for 20-30€ each, delivered i will go with them.
i really do not like the ones only wrapped in Kepton tape and or duct-tape the seam a bit vulnerable in my opinion.

do you have any recommendations or see any red flags in my thoughts? if yes please point them out.
usage of the batteries for now (e bike, lawnmower24v(currently lead acid gel, garden shed (for light and dc fans in the summer) and portable power if used with an inverter, more will follow)
thanks for your ideas albach

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